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Listingbook is a search engine tied

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About the ListingBook service:
If you’ve ever spent time browsing on Realtor[.]com your really going to like this service. Here's why:

It allows you greater search parameters. For example you can search for foreclosures in a particular county or zip code including type of property. 

You can search by the usual city or zip code OR search by specific neighborhoods, condominium complex or by any map location instead.

You can also view SOLD property data, so you can research recent sales prices.
It will notify you of any price drops or new listings matching your criteria

It lets you view all the photos and virtual tours of the property (other systems may limit the results)

It lets you know how many 'days on market' (DOM) a property has been listed for It displays the property taxes

It displays any homeowner association fees, condo fees, etc that you should know about.

And most importantly it is tied directly to our MLS system-- you can now search very much like a Realtor does.

This way you can see not only foreclosures, but you can also view short sales, estate sales, and any other well priced properties, regardless of the reason. You can also specifically search for Short Sale Properties.

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